Lord, Make Me a Gambler

Lord, make me a gambler.

Help me leave my nets on the ground and follow where I have not yet been.

Lord, make me a gambler who risks the hard and the hurt to arrive where beautiful lives.

A gambler who believes when I do not know, and trusts when I cannot plan.

A gambler whose ear is trained on only You, and whose eyes see past what’s directly in front of me.

Lord, make me a gambler who disbelieves naysayers, who fears not the schemes of man, or the criticism of those too scared to try.

Whose strategy does not include worry over things uncontrollable but focus on what is to be learned.

A gambler who heads toward the unknown like it is a friend yet to be made.

Let me give in to the prompting of the still small voice.

Let me not give in to the temptation to second guess.

Lord, make me a gambler unwilling to waver.



This prayer originally appeared on my previous blog, Find the Lovely.


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