A prayer for my husband


Lord, look upon this man with favor. With eyes filled with as much love as mine are — more so!

This world presses in hard on our men. It tries to convince them to be more of all the wrong things. It tells them they are less of all the right things.

I pray he does not believe this world. Not one minute of any hour.

Lord, call to him above the din. Speak over the mess. Right to his heart. Into his mind. Straight through his being. So that he will not mistake your voice for that of any other.

Command his way. Counsel his choices.

Let him not be snared by the lies of sensuality or be victim to the false security of a dollar sign. Let him not be led toward the mirage of fame.

Set him apart from this world.

Secure him to Your side that he may walk in lock step with you.

When he does not know where to place his feet, shed light on his path.

When he cannot speak his fears or put words to his worries, when he is afraid to dare his dreams, I pray that Your Spirit would intervene. Would intercede. Would put voice to what goes without breath.

When words do come to him, I pray he lets them out in earnest and candor to You, so that not one thing is left veiled.

God, I know you will answer him wisely. You do not ignore anyone who comes before the throne in humbleness and brokenness.

I believe — Lord, I know — he was meant for great things because You designed him for Your purposes, and your purposes are sovereign and exalted. Show him the plans you have for him. Show him the desires you have for his life. As a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend, a provider, and most importantly, as a man from Your very hand.

More than anything I want to see him discover the desires You have for him.

To see him thrive.

To see him come alive in his work for you.

Lord, put the seed in his heart and let it flourish, that he may brighten this world with the glory he brings to You. I pray his light is so bright it burns for generations.

Almighty God, he is precious to me. More precious than gold. More beloved than all I possess.

Protect him, God. Take care of him.

Assure him he is never alone. Not one minute of any hour.

Lord, thank you for the time I have with this man.


Originally published on my previous blog Find the Lovely.


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