Does what I do even matter to anyone?


Babylon Bee, my favoritist tongue-in-cheek news site, shared an article on their Facebook page earlier this week that especially tickled me. The title: “Pastor Labors All Weekend On Church Blog Post Approximately Four People Will End Up Reading.”

Did you laugh?

So did I. I laughed because it is TRUE.

I saw myself in the pastor’s shoes. My goodness, I feel exactly this way every single week. I could have coffee daily with this emotion we are so tight.

I pour time, energy – and, yes, money – into this blog. I care DEEPLY about it. But, inevitably, as the words tumble onto the screen each week, the question poking at my emotional core is, “Does this even matter?”

I ask, What difference could a few hundred words blasted into cyberspace under a reasonable well-designed banner image really make to ANYone? Am I wasting my time on this?

So in other words, I’m basically an optimist.

Did you laugh?

So did I.

Because I sound ridiculous.

I sound like a crybaby, honestly.

I am not the only one who feels like what they do doesn’t matter, that only crickets respond when they speak and that their mom will forever be their only loyal supporter.

I am not the only one who spends the content of their heart on their work, only to be demoralized because the results were not what they hoped for.

Or, worse, they get only criticism in return.

And I am certainly not the only one who slumps at the bottom of their lowly mental pit and moans, “I will never make any progress.”

I know I am not the only one because “the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8) … or demoralize to the point of quitting.

Not this someone. So help me God, not THIS someone.

Whining is for whiners, and I was made stronger than that.  

The mistake I need to stop making is approaching my blog as if the stats are the jeweled crown I’m after. Stats are not the reason I started blogging. I didn’t decide to blog because I was totally, helplessly in love with the idea of 3,000 views a month.

No. I started blogging because of passion: for God, for writing and for people.

I care deeply about this blog because of these three things and these three things alone. Everything else is icing on the cupcake. And you know what?

Cupcakes are pretty tasty without the icing.

Though I can’t always see the results I am fooled into thinking I “need,” I know what I do matters because it is speaking to the three foundational passions within me.

God doesn’t prompt us with passions so we can get all the feels, warm and fuzzy. He stokes those passions so that we are more willing to follow him. Through the light and the dark, in the pit and across the sunny valley. In all things, at all times.

Whatever I’m doing here, it will garner the results God needs. As long as I am faithful to his prompting to write and reach, he will work. Of that I am sure.

Do I wish it were different? Yes, sometimes. Okay, often.

But I believe God is working something through this life of mine that is infinitely more valuable than 3,000 views a month. Infinitely more meaningful than any possible measurement with which I could yoke myself.

And that, my friends, MATTERS.

Be lovely,

Originally published on my previous blog, Find the Lovely.


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