Lord, I can’t hear you


Sometimes God is abundantly clear which way He wants us to go. Other times, He is not so clear. I’m in the latter right now. The near future is uncertain for me. One of many paths lay before me, and I am unsure which is the right one.

If you are in that place too, I hope this prayer helps you as you continue to seek God’s will.


Lord, I can’t hear You.

I am asking You: Where do I go from here? Which way do I turn? I am standing at this fork in the road and everything is blank. I cannot tell which path is Yours. My feet are trembling. My mind is spinning.

My ears clamor to hear a voice behind me saying “This is the way, walk in it” (Isaiah 30:21). Lord, do I turn right or left? Do I boldly go through the middle of this, or do I quietly go around?

I am straining to hear You. To find Your voice over all the others. I am desperate to hear it.

I need You to speak. To move me, to guide me — to shove me — in the direction I need to go. I’m OK with a whisper. I’m OK with a shout. So long as You speak.

Don’t let me go astray. Don’t let me wander down the wrong path. Don’t let me be fooled into believing another voice is Yours.

I have tried to speak for You before, and I have always given myself the wrong directions.

I need to hear You, because I will lead myself astray. A sheep cannot be its own shepherd.

Am I so far away from You that I can’t hear You? Are You so far away from me that I can’t make out what You’re saying? Are my own fears, worries, anxieties, wants blocking You out?

Lord, I can’t hear You. Please unlock Yourself from this silence. Let the voice I love ring in my ear. What is it You will say? What is it You want me to hear?

Let me hear what God the Lord will say, for You will speak peace to me (Psalm 85:8).

Tell me the great and hidden things I do not know (Jeremiah 33:3).

Remember me here at this fork and do not withhold your words. Speak above the noise. Speak directly into me.

My wisdom comes from you, and what I lack in it now, please give generously without reservation (James 1:5).

Lord, I wait. And I listen.


Originally published on my previous blog, Find the Lovely.


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