A mother’s prayer to let go

This prayer was originally published on my previous blog Find the Lovely, when my youngest jaunted off to kindergarten LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL. 

I re-blog it here as a reminder that motherhood is rife with needs for Psalms.

If your heart is in need of a little pick-me-up-God, pray this with me.


Dear Lord,

I look at my child, and I see innocence. I see vulnerability. I see the child with tiny, sweet voice asking for mommy.

If I had a choice, I would keep her in this place, all chub and sippy cups, cracker crumbs and stuffed animals.

I would lock her to me, breathe in the scent of her hair and whisper “Mommy loves you.” Always.

If I had a choice, I would pretend I can’t hear You say the time draws near.

I would pretend we see her the same — she’s just a baby girl.

My mommy’s heart wants to keep holding her, but my soul is telling me to let go.

I think of the future and what she may face, what she will face, and I wonder if she will be strong enough. I wonder if I will be strong enough.

In my fear, You remind me You are strong enough, and that’s where I should rest.

Because when You look at her, You see preparation under way. A masterpiece unveiling. A messenger rising.

She was never really mine. She has always been Yours. She was made for your delight (and my blessing).

If you must take her, take her gently, God.

Bit by bit, slip my hand away.

I pray for the obedience to let go, and the courage to obey.

I chose her name, her school, her hometown. Little else of hers is mine to choose.

Her path is not for me to chart.

My shelter would only snuff out her light.

I must let go.

Jochebed let go of her baby Moses in the Nile, and she had faith he would be set apart.

Hannah let go of her toddler Samuel at the temple, and she had faith he would be set apart.

Mary let go of her boy Jesus, and she had faith he would be set apart.

They were messengers rising. Born of women of faith.

Lord, help me let go. Help me see her the same way You do. Grant me the faith she will be set apart, as your child.

Call her to You.

I will not fear because You will help her. No one shall snatch her out of Your hand. May she grow in stature and in favor with You above and all below.

Guard the feet of your little saint.

I give this very precious thing to you, as you once gave your most precious thing for me.

Please comfort my mommy’s heart. Her Heavenly Father will not forsake her. Not for one moment.

There is no Rock like You, God.

In Jesus’s name.


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