No-excuses praying

It’s time, folks. Values are completely flipped on their head.

Never in the history of ever has it been so evident that we, as a nation, have wandered far, far, far from God.

Our infatuation with celebrities rather than eternity has just brought us a golden calf reincarnate.

Enough, you all.

I have had enough.

It is time for some no-excuses praying to the GOD ABOVE to save us from our idolizing selves.

It is time for some heart-on-the-floor convo with God. No more hiding. No more “maybe tomorrow.”

Tomorrow came, yesterday.

As such, I fully expect you all to join me in folding fearful hands daily from here on out. The following excuses will no longer be acceptable.

Excuse #1) I don’t know how to pray.

You’re in luck. Jesus answered this very issue clearly and directly about 2,000 years ago. In Matthew 6:9-13, He gave us a definitive blue print for prayer that has stood the test of time and translation into every culture. You do not have to doubt its appropriateness with God or its authorship. If you don’t know where to start with praying, simply pray what Jesus did, study the phrasing he used, and the rest will come. Even better, find a prayer partner. I have partners I meet with both in person and via text. It’s a beautiful thing.

Excuse #2) I don’t have the right words to say.

You don’t need the “right” words to say. You say what’s on your heart and the Holy Spirit takes those words, makes them beautiful and delivers them right to God’s ear (Romans 8:26). How cool is that? It’s like an Easy Button, only superbly better.

Excuse #2) I can’t pray as well as that person over there.

Listen, if someone is grading your prayers, they are just weird and wrong. If that someone is you, stop it this instant. I know precisely zero people of prayer who feel they have reached their max potential when it comes to conversing with God, whether in private or in public. Everyone is still learning.

Excuse #3) I don’t have time to devote to prayer.

Sure, I get it. Life. But think about this. Not talking to God on a regular basis and then still expecting to ride happily to the pearly gates when Life is over is kinda the equivalent of a shameless relative who has shunned you all your life then suddenly appears on your doorstep when they find out how rich you are. Don’t be that relative. You are better than that.

Excuse #4) I’m too ____ for God to care what I have to say.

It really doesn’t matter what you fill in the blank with, all of it is untrue. You are not too young, old, dumb, sinful, immature, sick, gone, worn, wrong, nonpracticing, selfish, unworthy, poor, blind, deaf, mute, smelly or lame. He created you. He told your heart to beat. He loves you, and he wants to hear from you.

Excuse #5) Prayer doesn’t work anyway.

If prayer truly didn’t work then Jesus would not have done it…when he was dying…on the cross…painfully. Nor would we have the enduring blueprint of prayer or the gift of intercession by the Spirit. True, not all prayers are answered in the way we want them to be, but what do we know of the right way for God to do things? After all, we are the people who let Trump happen.

We are done with the excuses, friends. Buh-bye to them all.

Time to get busy with no-excuses prayer.

Hands folded,

This post originally appeared on my previous blog, Find the Lovely. It is no less relevant today.


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