Being me, bravely {Welcome to my new blog home}

March 1, 2017. Let this go down as a date which will live in my heart forever.

Friends, I am delighted to share this momentous day with you.

Today is the day I officially launch a blog under MY OWN NAME. This is my fourth blog, but the first in which I used my own, legal name. No hiding behind awesome titles or themes. This is all me, front and center.

This is the day in which I publicly, without shame, guilt or any other form of captivity, stand in the face of my fear and say, “Be gone!”

This is the day in which I publicly declare my freedom from the fear to be fully and bravely ME.

Fear. That’s the worst four-letter word I know.


Fear. The power behind every evil I know.

Fear. The only emotion we have that is NOT in the image of God.

God does not give us fear. The Enemy grows fear within us, in the hopes we will never embrace the abundant Spirit-filled life promised to us.

Fear – along with its charged tentacles of doubt, self-loathing, worry, panic and self-preservation – is the yoke of brokenness.

For too long I have allowed fear to dictate to me what choices I “should” make and what I “should” do, particularly when it came to my dream of being a writer.

Fear is what convinced me broken dreams (and blogs) were a sign what I was doing was pointless and I needed to stop pursuing what I believed God had put on my heart.

Fear is what prevented me from talking to God about the specific desires of my heart, and asking if they align with his.

Fear is what convinced me it was “selfish ambition” to pursuing writing – the unique calling and gifting I did not choose.

Friends, if any of these sound familiar to you, hear me right this hot second:


God does not speak lies. Satan does.

Fear is one of the most powerful weapons Satan uses in the battle for our allegiance.

It has taken me four blogs and many more years to see the truth, to see what Satan was up to.

I have finally been able to free that part of me so buried in fear I was convinced it wasn’t there at all — I have finally been able to free My Brave.

I now know what my brave feels like and looks like, and what it sounds like when it is soaring high. I learn more about it every day. I learn how to better apply it.

I now know how to spot the chains of fear on others and speak Truth over them in confidence God will crush those chains.

 Brave is the most wonderful five-letter word I know. 

In brave lives the power of Christ. In it I find the abundant life.

If I could, in even the smallest way, encourage you to intentionally seek your brave and to LIVE it, I would do so every morning of the week. I would speak to you face-to-face to say what you hear is not of God, from God or for God.

They are lies meant to steal you away from what God has planned for you, just as they held me in captivity for years.

And I would share with you exactly what finally broke me out of the immobility caused by fear.

If I ever do have the chance to talk with you one-on-one, I would love to share with you these things and more. Until then, I am going to write them to you. After all, I write fairly well 🙂

Join me for the #DreamChaser series! The series will feature inspiring personal stories, life-changing quotes and Scripture, tips for chasing your dreams and more.

The #DreamChaser series will cover what I learned in facing my fears, how I overcame my fears and how I learned to bravely walk in the path God has laid out for me.

This series will lead up to a NEW BOOK I am working on! The book is about — you guessed it — the courage to pursue dreams. Stay tuned for more hints and details about the book as the #DreamChaser series unfolds.

Before you take off, please re-read some of my favorite posts transferred over from my previous blog, Find the Lovely.

In courage,


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8 thoughts on “Being me, bravely {Welcome to my new blog home}

  1. Sara – Your new “home” is welcoming, inspiring and continues to be lovely! Can’t wait to see how the next chapter unfolds! May your new adventure be filled with many blessings. Heidi


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