The test for selfish ambition {#DreamChaser series}

Last week, we talked about the often-misunderstood Biblical directive to avoid selfish ambition.

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As a godly dream chaser, the very phrase “selfish ambition” strike fear into my heart. I spent many years fearing my dream was selfish, to the point of not moving forward with the dream God had laid on my heart.

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Today, though I have come to a much clearer understanding of what it means to “do nothing out of selfish ambition,” (Philippians 2:3) I still routinely check myself and my pursuits against the selfish ambition test.

My concern is ongoing, rightfully, because selfishness is a very easy thing to come by.

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After much study and input from godly leaders, I developed a guide to know if I have crossed the line into selfish ambition.

The guide is 5 simple, challenging questions long:

  1. Am I daily, in reverence, submitting to God in all my ways?
  2. Am I convicted that something I’m doing is causing a distance between God and me
  3. Am I putting God’s plan ahead of my own, or after it? Am I asking Him to proactively align me with His plan, or expecting Him to reactively align my goals with His plan?
  4. Am I seeking to benefit others above myself?
  5. Am I motivated by attention from man or reward from God?

My goal with this assessment is to keep my pride in check, where it should be, and my heart with God, where it is at home.

Wise King Solomon summed it up best when he wrote:

Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. (Proverbs 16:3).

To do this is to avoid selfish ambition.

Faithfully chasing,


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3 thoughts on “The test for selfish ambition {#DreamChaser series}

  1. It may seem like it’s somehow wrong if you’re having fun but God puts desires and dreams in our hearts in order to accomplish His will. Thanks for this great article!


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