Hey, Devil: You may NOT have my dream {#DreamChaser series}

(Awesome lead photo via DepositPhotos)


Hey, devil-

Oooh, you think I’m not onto you.

You think I don’t know how to recognize your schemes.

You arrogant fool!

Do you not know I have the One Who Is Greatest?

Of course you do, and that’s why you are ever in motion against what He has planned for me.

You throw everything you can at me to stop me from marching after this dream God laid on my heart. You hammer me with doubts, fear, failure, sickness, busyness, demands on my time, comments from loved ones, attacks from enemies.

You try to take away my resources, my time, my endurance, and my belief I AM in lockstep with God.

You ridiculous, arrogant fool!

You may not have my dream. Try as you may, you will not keep me from it because ultimately it belongs to the One Who Is Greatest. This I now know.

I may have believed you in the past, but not today. Today is a new day. And I am a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17).

So, no, you may not have my dream.

You will not lull me into apathy. You may not convince me I am headed for ruin. You will not convince me to play “safe.”

You will not fool me into believing the work is not worth the reward.

You will not speak to me through loved ones who offer me “reality checks” because the reality is YOU are wrong, not me.

You will not persuade me to put down the pen, for it is with this thin sword to SLAY YOU.

You will not talk me out of perseverance. Because perseverance produces character and character, hope. And hope does not put me to shame. (Romans 5:4).

You may not have my hope.

You may not have my dream.

You are the Devil, who has already failed at everything. (Col. 2:15)

What do you know of reward?

Get behind me, you failure. (Matt. 16:23)

My Victor is calling.

Marching on,


(Lead photo via DepositPhotos)


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