A prayer for the dream chaser {#DreamChaser series}

As my dream-chasing adventure unfolds, I find myself in this weird, uncomfortable position. One foot in familiar territory and one stepping toward that which I cannot see or really even imagine.

Unsettling? Yes.

At the same time, within me stirs a robust hope colored with wonder. It makes me eager to see the next, as if I’m a child trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

I have this unshakable hope telling me there IS a next, and it will be worth the wait.

From where does this hope come?

The Lord Almighty is His name!

I learned a couple of years ago – and chronicled in my forthcoming book Uncage My Brave: Pray Brave, Fly Free – intentional, humble, expectant prayer begets unshakable hope. Why?

God is the source of hope; and hope is the lifeblood of dreams.

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Your choice to join me today on the blog indicates to me you too may be on the dawn of something you cannot clearly see but want to believe is there. Perhaps you too need the consistent, loving reminders that God is for those who are for Him.

Today, on the National Day of Prayer, I share with you a prayer to kickstart or perhaps renew hope in you. It is based on the eternal words of Proverbs 16.

Hang tight to this words and be blessed, fellow dream chaser.


Lord God-

Look upon this dream chaser with favor. The one who pursues through the hard, the doubt, the worry. The one who chases when it would be easier to turn back.

Bring her up to Your mighty stride so she may run in courage and perseverance toward the goal You have set before her. Give her a clear vision of what is ahead. Carry her in weariness; invigorate her.

Lord, to humans belong the plans of the heart, but from You alone comes the final say. You are the word, the way, the victory. May she commit whatever she does, all of her plans, all of her desires, to You so that she will know success. You work out everything for Your purposes and for her good.

Let her fear no one. When a dreamer’s ways are pleasing to You, You make even her enemies humble before her. You free her from the cage of fear. You make her flight straight and her hope a soft place to land.

Though she may plan her course, it is You, Lord, who determines her steps.

Lead her onward.

Show her the next step, and the next, and the next.

May sure-footedness be hers, God, and confidence be her defense. Send Your angels before her.

(Photo via DepositPhotos)

May she sense Your open arms awaiting her at the destination.

With each push forward, may she desire more of You. May she grow in wisdom and store up for herself heavenly treasures she values far and above earthly gold.

How much better to gain wisdom than wealth, to amass insight rather than riches.

Lord, remind her of this enduring truth: Whoever heeds your instruction prospers. Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, because the Lord is good and His love lasts forever.

Keep her hunger alive, Sovereign God. The appetite of the laborer drives her on. May she ever long after You, Your will and Your ordained dream.

May she always believe that setbacks are not always defeat but instead a protection.

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Let her hear Your voice today, clearly, sweetly.

Be with her as she boldly continues to chase, in full faith that every decision belongs to You, for the Lord Almighty is Your name.



(Lead photo via DepositPhotos)



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