6 reasons giving up your dreams is a terrible idea

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Reasons to quit chasing your dreams are easy to come by. In fact, they come by on their own ugly selves, right up in your face like the bullies they are, spitting hot and loud.

They like to yell at you how preciously scarce are time, money, energy, resources and support from others.

Reasons to quit pursuing your dreams like to front as legitimacy, but their sole reason for existence is to tear down a dreamer – to deceive the warrior into laying down arms.

Quitting can be tempting, especially in the middle of the hard, and your battered mind and soul ache for salve of clarity and encouragement.

Behold, weary dreamer. The six truths of why you should never quit pursuing your dreams.

1. The best gains come slow and steady.

How amazingly boring life would be if everyone got exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it, with minimal effort. Big dreams require big commitments. The brutal day-in, day-out dedication reveals one’s grit and determines who will achieve. The hard separates the weak and the strong. You want the grit. The grit is where the money is made, metaphorically speaking. Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth puts it well: “Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

2. A “reason to quit” is commonly mistaken for a call to persevere.

Milton Hershey had three – THREE – unsuccessful candy companies before his now-legendary Hershey company was born. Clearly he did not believe in the three-strikes rule when it comes to dream chasing. No one should.  The truest test of passion for a dream comes in the form of adversity. Victor Hugo once said, “Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.” #micdrop

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3. This dream is yours – not anyone else’s – for a purpose.

Ignore the haters. You did not choose your talents. They were planted in you. For a reason. No one else possess the same combination of talent, vision and ambition as you, and that is no accident. Your dream is a harvest of your talents.

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4. You are gaining experience that will make you a stronger victor.

Setbacks will either define your dream chasing or refine it, and the choice is yours. Dreamers who see their vision come to life are those who make the best use of their trials. J.K. Rowling used repeated rejections and personal crises in her life as boons to finish a series of books about a boy named Harry Potter.  We all know how that story ends.

She would later lament how very little society talks about the necessity of failure on the road to success and how to deal with it. “I don’t think we talk about failure enough,” she said in a 2015 interview with Today.  “It would’ve really helped to have someone who had had a measure of success come say to me, ‘You will fail. That’s inevitable. It’s what you do with it.'” Decide what you will do with it.

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5. Your kids are watching, and taking notes.

Your dreams matter to them. Whether they can verbalize it or not, they long to see you fulfilled. They long to see you reverberate with joy. How you overcome adversity will influence how they overcome later in life.

At virtually all stages of life, parents are the single biggest influence on their children. Watching you chase your dream matters to them because you matter to them.

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6. Hope is contagious.

Humans love stories of hope. It is the underpinning of every great work of literature. The hero who saw beyond the obstacles. The visionary whose imagination built an empire others told him was impossible.

This world needs dream chasers and the perseverance they possess. It needs the invigoration of hope, the stories of grit and the celebrations of dreams achieved.

Keep dreaming. Keep chasing. Keep pursuing your dreams.

One day soon, you will be glad you did.



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18 thoughts on “6 reasons giving up your dreams is a terrible idea

  1. These are fantastic points and something I really needed to read. I am slowly working towards my dreams, and I will be bookmarking this page for when I need a reminder! Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love that! So glad this post was beneficial to you. Please stick around because in just a couple of weeks I am starting a series on inspiring women who are chasing after their dreams with vigor!


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