Book release party! Uncage My Brave now available

The day has come. The caged bird has been set free, my friends, for it is her time to fly.

Uncage My Brave: Pray Brave, Fly Free is officially for sale on Amazon right this hot minute!

I am BURSTING with excitement and gratitude for this day. So much so, I’ve asked some of those closest to me to celebrate with a blog party (Get it? Block party but BLOG party. See, this is how writers get their kicks. It’s pretty fun. Try it at home.)

How I wish you could be here with us in person celebrating, but I am thinking of you all and praying for you continuously. I share these celebratory pictures with love and hope we can celebrate together…from afar.

Who is the first person to cuddle a newborn? The mama of course.

My husband (ain’t he cute?).


What’s a book release without your mom? This is mine. She is my biggest fan and I am unashamed of that fact.


Kelly, one of my loyal fans. She has been incredibly encouraging throughout it all. Not to mention always good for a laugh or inspired word.

My girls could not go to bed without digging into the freshly arrived box of books.

Jack, my writing companion/office sentry. He’s mildly into it.

The Things I Need to Say

It is my joy to thank the many people who have helped me reach this point:

My launch team: Rebecca, Danica, Janice and Christina. Ah-mazing women, the lot of you!

A special thanks to Heidi for your eagle eye and wise counsel in the copyediting process.

Robert, my husband, who helped me find the space and time to write.

To my girls, who watched this process with interest and cheerleading.

To Kelly, for insisting the future holds good things, and not letting me believe otherwise.

To Rebecca, for suggesting this book in the first place and coaching me faithfully and fruitfully.

To mom. For everything. EVERYthing.

To the countless people who have given prayer support.

To the readers current and future. I dream of meeting each of you in person someday, but until then, may God bless you!

To God. Without You I can do nothing; I am caged. To You be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Get in on This Fun!

Order your print copy of Uncage My Brave on Amazon now.

–>Ebook more your style? Hang tight. It’s coming.

Want a sample before you buy? Sign up for my monthly newsletter to get the first pages of Uncage My Brave.

Inspiring Stories of Dream Chasers

Next week, I will begin a new phase of the DreamChaser series featuring some amazing women and their stories of how they are pursuing their dreams. These ladies have some really incredible stories to share, and are true she-bosses. You will love learning about them as much as I have.

Be blessed and READ.

With love,


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