Ink, Paper and Dreams: The Calligraphy Art of Jess Lundquist

Do you have that one thing you can get lost in for hours? That thing that speaks music into your soul? The thing so freeing it makes you feel the most alive?

For Jess Lundquist that one thing is art, whether visual or written word. Calligraphy, for her, is the marriage of both. The perfectly crafted swoops and delicate lines carrying a soulful poetry all their own.

Calligraphy has a depth of quality no technology device can truly replicate, and Jess says that’s the part she is drawn to. An “outdoorsy” kind of gal, she finds rejuvenation in old-school, offline ways.

“We live in a digital age,” she says, “and I see it as crucial that we don’t lose touch with that hand-to-pen-to-paper intimacy. It’s connective in more ways that we know.”

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jess lundquist calligraphy work example 1

Plus, it’s just gorgeous.

Jess is headed into a full-on launch of her business, ink & flourish calligraphy. Up until now, she has worked for someone else. After prudence and planning, she is ready to venture out on her own.

She came to this point in chasing her dream in part thanks to what she calls “nudges.”

“I see the friends and family who have come forward to support me—whether advertising on my behalf or becoming my customers—as encouragement, affirmation that I’ve started something great and that I should keep doing what I’m doing,” she says. “All the little encounters, people I meet through networking, a friend of a friend recommending me, a poster or chance opportunity, etc., are all nudges guiding me on.”

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jess lundquist calligraphy example 2

The popularity of handmade art and a widespread taste for artisan creations added to her courage to step out in faith with ink & flourish.

The classic art of calligraphy fits into this surge in demand for hand-crafted products.

“People get excited about beautiful script, and that’s special in a number of ways,” Jess says.

jess lundquist calligraphy artist at work

That said, she does not view calligraphy as a trend to take advantage of, but rather a timeless practice to relish.

“Calligraphy is art, and art is the stuff of life,” she says.

As she runs “full-blaze” toward her dream – with a vision of being a recognized name on Instagram – Jess recognizes that challenges and tough times will come. When they do, her aim to remember why she struck out on this adventure to begin with.

“Getting through tough times is a matter of buckling down and proving to yourself that you can, simply because the craft is worth it.”


Jess Lundquist is a freelance writer, artist, poet and soon-to-be wife to Quinn. She lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Find her on her website, on Facebook or via Instagram.

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3 thoughts on “Ink, Paper and Dreams: The Calligraphy Art of Jess Lundquist

  1. I love that Jess took a bold step and I love her work. Do you think she could just follow me around, writing things for me all day? Just wondering. Great story, Sara!


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