Overcoming the Fear: April Tillery on finding her way to a blossoming dream

Fear is a four-letter word. For good reason. No word keeps a winged dreamer from flying like fear does.

April Tillery knows the weight of fear well.

“I really struggled with fear of lack for a long time,” she said. Lack of not being enough or having enough. Lack of time, resources, opportunity, potential customers. Everything.

Fear kept this wife and mom of five from freely following the nudges from God to step outside her comfort zone and discover His dream for her life.

“I have always known that God would not give me a dream that could not be fulfilled!” she said. “I never knew for sure what it would look like but I kept faith that it would happen.”

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Over time, as she worked on overcoming the fear, those nudges began to push her toward something more definitive – an actual direction.

Her talent for advertising, painting and interior design melded with her husband, Charles’ love for woodworking, instilled in him from a young age by his grandfather. Together, she and Charles began to see a clearer vision of where God was leading: their own business specializing in handcrafted wood home furnishings.

tree climber creations april tillery houston products

“We’ve been through bad jobs and multiple moves. We’ve dealt with not knowing how to pay bills or buy food but we pressed on and worked hard,” April said of their journey to launch their business. “When the timing was right and we were ready to take the necessary leap, everything came together beautifully!”

Tree Climber Creations, based in the Houston, Texas, area, hand makes every piece from scratch. From outdoor furniture to tables to cutting boards, the husband-wife duo meticulously pour their heart into every piece using their garage as their shop.

tree climber creations april tillery deck furniture

Eventually they want to move to a professional shop, hire employees and expand their service area to all of southeast Texas (due to shipping costs, they currently are limited to the Houston/Galveston area).

If April continues to battle back the fear that kept her caged for so long, she may find this is exactly what God has in mind too.

“Every step of the way, we have what we need, when we need it,” she says. “It doesn’t always look the way I want but our needs are taken care of.”

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Being able to spend time together and freely express themselves creatively have been the most meaningful benefits April as seen from launching Tree Climber Creations.

“It’s also really boosted our finances and confidence,” she added.


Although she continues to fight against the fear, each day she has another affirmation of her decision to not let it trap her anymore. This is exactly the advice she would give fellow dreamers.

“If you are a struggling dreamer, I would say step out and do some uncomfortable things. Meet new people, buy the domain name, print business cards. Anything that points you in the direction that you want to go. No matter how small it may seem it really helps your mindset!”


April Tillery is the design mind behind Tree Climber Creations, which she operates along with her husband, Charles. They live in Texas with their five children, two fur babies and turtle. Learn more about Tree Climber Creations on their website, on Facebook or on Instagram.

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