Must-Read Quotes from Uncage My Brave to encourage dreamers

First and foremost, I have great news, friends! Uncage My Brave is now available for Kindle. To the three people who have asked me when this would happen, happy day to you!

Secondly, let’s talk reader reactions to the now-two-month-old little libro.

Since Uncage My Brave‘s release, I’ve been blessed to receive comments from readers about their favorite passages.

Pause here and reflect on the meaning of this with me:

To publish something is one thing. To have my words resonate with someone else – to share an emotion or thought with someone as if it were their own – is the lifeblood of a writer’s existence.

Of course, I must remember these words I wrote are not my own. They belong to and flow from God Himself. He is the provider of all my words, even my very next breath.

As I re-read some reader favorites, I rekindle my gratefulness to be called to a job such as this.

Reader favorites

In order of appearance in the book:

1. I was once afraid to even talk to God about the specific thing on my heart. Through this struggle, I learned to pray with courage. Slowly I began to understand how to balance fear with brave and why it is so necessary to do so.

2. Brave lives in ordinary moments as much as it does in the extraordinary. Brave that looks ordinary can be dangerous – because it slips right past the Enemy lines. Subtle and potent. It quietly builds, creating a storehouse of courage. Ordinary is the most subversive kind of brave.

3. You are a God of forward motion, in Your own time. And I have known You to keep this promise. I have seen You do it.

4. Had I not felt trapped, I would have missed the opportunity to see You work.

5. I want the courage to be still, to not be afraid to exist in the spot I am.

6. Carry me, Abba. Hold me still in Your strength. Press my ear to Your heart.

7. Only one thing results from comparisons: persistent dissatisfaction.

8. You made me to do what only I can do. If You made me to do and be and live a life You gave only to me, then I cannot compare. (SOOO needed this one this week!)

9. How many times have You been beside me, hand hovering nearby, telling me to just go? Every. Single. Time.

Quote from Uncage My Brave by Sara Brunsvold

My Favorites

I would be amiss to not share MY OWN favorite quotes.

1. Lord, today, show me the quiet brave within me, the strength you have hidden in me.

2. I want the courage to be still in this time, in this place, for this purpose, to know You move even if I don’t.

3. In my worry, remind me You have already seen tomorrow. Remind me of the steps You led me along yesterday, and that You are the same God who walked with me then – the very same. You never change (Malachi 3:6).

4. Faith comes with a call to lean on it.

5. I want to be a risker who heads toward the unknown like it is a friend yet to be made.

6. No experience will stretch me like mistakes will.

7. I must trust You have prepared me for the moment at hand.


Did your favorite make the list? Let me know in the comments what stood out to you from Uncage My Brave.

Don’t yet have a copy of the book? Fear not. Get the first pages free by signing up for my monthly newsletter. Or, order a print copy or Kindle version through Amazon.

15 thoughts on “Must-Read Quotes from Uncage My Brave to encourage dreamers

  1. I have read my copy twice and highlighted favorite passages. I used it as a devotional each day before I started working on my dream. Although yes – God gave you the words, Sara – you inhaled the courage needed to type them, format them and publish them. So proud of you!

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