The courage to be still

Every so often I feel the way I feel today: wanting to get beyond where I am now — believing I can — yet here I remain. Not. Getting. Anywhere.

I strain against these chains I didn’t ask for. I wear myself out in the fight.

All the time, God is trying to whisper into my plagued heart: Be still, child, and know that I am God — the same who has held the earth in My hand since the beginning (Psalm 46:10, with embellishment).

Several years ago I wrote the prayer below, and I included it in my minibook Uncage My Brave: Pray Brave, Fly Free. Routinely, I fall back on this prayer, the title of it if nothing else, and I remember the way God showed up in that original situation.

I remember why I hold onto the hope He will move again. Because He always does. Because He is God, just as He says He is.

If you’re feeling stuck and slightly desperate today, soak in these words, friend.


Strong God-

I want the courage to be still, to not be afraid to exist in the spot I am instead of racing for where I think I should be, or reaching for what I think I should have.

I want the courage to shed the shoulds. I want the courage to not be in control, to not set the time table, to not pick the direction, to not trust self before God.

I want the courage to fall in.

I want the courage to be open, to be here, to be present, to breathe it in. I want the courage to listen.

I want the courage to accept that stillness is not the same as laziness, that sometimes quality is not found in productivity.

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I want the courage to respect I am a part of a plan and my plans will likely fall apart.

I want the courage to be still in this time, in this place, for this purpose, to know God moves even if I don’t.

I want the courage to not push myself but instead let him carry me; I would arrive less worn and with impeccable timing.

I want the courage to believe there are times I must do His will by not doing a thing.

Carry me, Abba. Hold me still in Your strength. Press my ear to Your heart.

Give me the courage to hear this is the start of something lovely.



What do these words mean to you today? Do you have a go-to prayer for your times of angst?

Much love,



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