What younger women view as the barriers and blessings of biblical mentorship

There are times when the Lord truly knocks your socks off by bringing just the right person into your path at just the right time. A couple of months ago, He did just that by introducing me to Annie McGuire. She too has a heart for Titus 2 mentoring and has actively invested into the next generation for years. In fact, she wrote a Bible study titled “Invest,” which she previews on her blog, His Daily Disciple.

This week, I had the privilege of guest posting on His Daily Disciple about the barriers and blessings younger women encounter with spiritual mentorship.

Younger women want to have close fellowship with their big sisters in Christ, but how do they get there? What barriers exist? And if they persevere, what blessings can they reap?

I answer these questions over on His Daily Disciple, in a post titled, quite appropriately:

Barriers and Blessings of Biblical Mentorship: A Younger Woman’s Perspective

To read the full article, please click over to His Daily Disciple, and be sure to tell Annie I sent you 🙂

Also watch for a guest post from Annie herself right here on my blog next week. She will be speaking to the big sister’s perspective on the barriers and blessings of biblical mentorship.

Thank you for your readership,


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