My name is Sara (Kaden) Brunsvold, and I am on my way to my forever home. As I journey, I seek to fall more in love with Jesus and pour out all that He pours into me.

This is as good as our family photos get these days.

This pouring out includes being a wife to one, Robert (#Istillmelt); the mother to two daughters and one furry little dog; a Bible study leader to a gaggle of vivacious young women; and a sister in Christ to many. It also includes sharing the stories God grants me to tell, both in written form and in speaking. Sometimes the stories are real life and sometimes they are fictional. Either way, I pray continuously for the words to give to the world and the audience who will receive them.

My favorite moments are those in which I can feel the Holy Spirit channeling through me into another person. If iced coffee or some sort of cheese-based dip is involved, I love the moment even more.

I am a forever student of God’s Word, His ways and writing, in that order.

Connecting with new people is a joy, and I would delight in meeting you. Please feel free to send me a note at any time. I do read every email that comes my way. Reach out to me via the Contact page or any of my social media channels.

I appreciate you greatly.

With sincerity,



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