Did you know about these literary holidays for book lovers?

Reading matters.

Books enliven our imaginations, improve our vocabulary, challenge our capacity to empathize, teach us knew things, and generally make us better people.

Did you know America has a PLETHORA of holidays that celebrate reading? One of many reasons I love this country.

Here are some literary holidays you too may be interested in adding to your calendar for an excuse to keep reading all year long:



Fourth Wednesday in January – Library Shelfie Day: Founded by the renowned New York Public Library. Participants arrange their book collection on a shelf, snap a picture and share on social media.



February 14 – Library Lovers Day: Honor your favorite library, librarian or bookworm.

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That time I called out false teaching in Christian publishing after reading a popular book

Photo by Paul Schafer on Unsplash


If you hang around my Facebook page, you may know that I occasionally post videos in which I share thoughts on a particular topic. I’m not one who enjoys making or being in selfie videos, so know that if I post a video, it’s because I truly care about the message and feel compelled to speak it verbally rather than using my default method of written words.

A little over a week ago, I posted a video that sprang out of several offline conversations I’d had with women about one particular Christian nonfiction book.

This is a popular book. It’s selling really, really, really well.

I was familiar with this author’s work well before this book, and I can attest the author is well-spoken, intelligent, a phenomenal storyteller and has the motivator gift in spades.

The author also misapplies Scripture, misrepresents Christian principles and skews the Christian worldview to be more appeasing to the secular market. Continue reading “That time I called out false teaching in Christian publishing after reading a popular book”

The sweet and the bitter: An interview with Sara Hagerty

A story:

Last summer I came across a blog by Sara Hagerty. Her words on finding God in the midst of the hard immediately attracted my attention. THIS IS A SISTER WHO SPEAKS MY SOUL.

Her writing style, so vivid, is like honey to read: rich, inviting and the kind you take your time with. When I saw she had a book out, so astutely titled Every Bitter Thing is Sweet: Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things, I was eager to place my order.

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