12 Bible Verses for When You Need Courage

We all need an infusion of courage from time to time. Or, in my case, basically on a daily basis. Fortunately for those who earnestly seek to know God and live a life worthy of his call, we have a wonderful Book full of reasons why we should not fear.

The Bible contains about 365 verses that tell us not to be afraid. Usually when God repeats Himself, it means we need to pay attention. He doesn’t speak these words for His own encouragement, but for ours.

He wants us to know how courageous we can be, if we just believe. Continue reading “12 Bible Verses for When You Need Courage”

When dreams change: Rachel Johnson’s turn from teacher to princess

If anyone had asked the young Rachel Johnson what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer would have come easily.

“I have felt called from God to be a teacher since I was young,” she said. “It was just always something I wanted to do.”

Six years ago, she saw her teaching dream come true when she began her first job at a Kansas City-area elementary school. Although she was thrilled to be living her long-held dream, she also felt drawn to her side job with a small company called Princess at My Party.

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Ink, Paper and Dreams: The Calligraphy Art of Jess Lundquist

Do you have that one thing you can get lost in for hours? That thing that speaks music into your soul? The thing so freeing it makes you feel the most alive?

For Jess Lundquist that one thing is art, whether visual or written word. Calligraphy, for her, is the marriage of both. The perfectly crafted swoops and delicate lines carrying a soulful poetry all their own. Continue reading “Ink, Paper and Dreams: The Calligraphy Art of Jess Lundquist”

Book release party! Uncage My Brave now available

The day has come. The caged bird has been set free, my friends, for it is her time to fly.

Uncage My Brave: Pray Brave, Fly Free is officially for sale on Amazon right this hot minute!

I am BURSTING with excitement and gratitude for this day. So much so, I’ve asked some of those closest to me to celebrate with a blog party (Get it? Block party but BLOG party. See, this is how writers get their kicks. It’s pretty fun. Try it at home.) Continue reading “Book release party! Uncage My Brave now available”

6 reasons giving up your dreams is a terrible idea

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Reasons to quit chasing your dreams are easy to come by. In fact, they come by on their own ugly selves, right up in your face like the bullies they are, spitting hot and loud.

They like to yell at you how preciously scarce are time, money, energy, resources and support from others.

Reasons to quit pursuing your dreams like to front as legitimacy, but their sole reason for existence is to tear down a dreamer – to deceive the warrior into laying down arms.

Quitting can be tempting, especially in the middle of the hard, and your battered mind and soul ache for salve of clarity and encouragement.

Behold, weary dreamer. The six truths of why you should never quit pursuing your dreams. Continue reading “6 reasons giving up your dreams is a terrible idea”