What I want my daughters to remember about me pursuing my dream

About a month ago, my family helped me convert the playroom into a writing office.

My first-ever writing office. My first-ever claim to a physical territory representing the creative one I had long been staking out.

For so many years, I was afraid to make this claim, to bravely plant a flag in the physical sphere and say, “This is my space.”

Self-doubt, fear of failure, fear of selfish ambition held me back from making this claim.

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I felt I didn’t deserve to have a writing office. Continue reading “What I want my daughters to remember about me pursuing my dream”

A mother’s prayer to let go

This prayer was originally published on my previous blog Find the Lovely, when my youngest jaunted off to kindergarten LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL. 

I re-blog it here as a reminder that motherhood is rife with needs for Psalms.

If your heart is in need of a little pick-me-up-God, pray this with me.


Dear Lord,

I look at my child, and I see innocence. I see vulnerability. I see the child with tiny, sweet voice asking for mommy. Continue reading “A mother’s prayer to let go”