The choice I should have made a long time ago

So where were we?

Oh, yes. Last we spoke, I had returned from a month-long break from blogging and social media to focus more time in worship, and I said God had revealed a new vision for my writing life.

For those who question the sanity of anyone who says God reveals things to them, please know I once shared your line of thinking. I also once questioned the sanity of anyone who loved coffee. That was before caramel macchiatos came into my life.

We all have our maturing to do.

In my last post, I promised to share with you this new vision God laid out for me. I am a woman of my word, so put on your listening ears. Continue reading “The choice I should have made a long time ago”

What do do when your inspiration is gone


This wretched state I now find myself in I had chalked up to the holidays – all that glorious, magical, lovely, stressful, overindulgent, completely-off-my-routine holiday revelry. But here we are a solid week(ish) later and stttiiillll…I got nothing.

I can think of nothing profoundly interesting to write.

My well is dry.

My quill hath no ink.

I call this state of being “uninspiredness,” and it is, unequivocally, for the birds. Continue reading “What do do when your inspiration is gone”