What I want my daughter to believe about beauty

My daughter and I visited the makeup aisle at Target the other day. As you will see in this video on my Facebook page, makeup and hair just aren’t my thing.

My daughter, on the other hand? From a young age, she has been interested in makeup and nail polish. The brightly lit aisle is like a playground to her.

“Oooo, Mommy, look at this one!” She picked up a neon pink polish. And then a mascara in a shiny green case. And then a lipstick the color of a rose petal.

The colors were fresh, crisp, carrying a promise that life was better with these things.

She has not yet discovered the “beauty influencers” on YouTube and Instagram, but it is only a matter of time. Until then, her biggest exposure to the beauty world is the makeup aisle in Target, that white-lit beacon on the way to the shampoo and paper towels.

I know I have my prejudices, but I also have a Truth that makes me eager to teach her about real beauty.

If I could make her believe one thing about beauty, it would be not to listen to the world’s influences.

I would shield her mind from being ensnared by the lure of the perfect displays. I would ensure she believes there is so much they don’t tell her. Continue reading “What I want my daughter to believe about beauty”