The Current State of My Life

I’m writing to you from a cluttered desk and with a cluttered mind. I’m writing to you not as a writer but as a woman whose plans are being rerouted one by one, and she is like a GPS chanting “recalculating” while the car just keeps driving forward in the direction she didn’t plan.

Ever have that feeling?

The world keeps spinning and you would like it to stop or at least slow down because the dizziness is getting worse?

I had a plan for this summer. For writing, for work, for child rearing, for home tending, for discipling. And every blessed one of them has been rerouted. Continue reading “The Current State of My Life”

4 Easy Steps to Completely Trusting God


Those who know me well know that I am a planner. I am the mom who has her kidsโ€™ birthday parties planned months in advance. I am a huge fan of multi-week meal planning. And I rarely go to Target without checking online coupons and Cartwheel for deals. This is who I am. Planning is part of my endless charm.

So for me to walk away from one season of my life and not know which season is next is no blip on the radar.

By no means have I lost my planning edge โ€” I just saved $11 at Target with combined discounts, thank you. What I have lost is my death grip on the future. Finger by white-knuckled finger, God has peeled off my hand and replaced it with His.

I have let go completely, and I am so at peace with it. Continue reading “4 Easy Steps to Completely Trusting God”