I am a submissive wife and I breathe fire


“Breathe fire” burst into our vernacular recently with one mom’s viral Facebook post. She raged about the fate of Josh Duggar’s “submissive” wife after news broke about his infidelity. The phrase quickly set off a hashtag firestorm on social media and became a rallying cry of sorts for women to know their worth and know they offer something uniquely powerful to this world that no one should squelch – and that something is not a womb.

I like the phrase. I like the imagery and clout behind it. It describes so aptly how I want my daughters to view themselves.

By God’s grace, it was how I was raised. I was raised to believe I could and should go as far as I wanted in my academic career, which was all the way through college, which I primarily paid for. I graduated magna cum laude, landed a book contract at age 25, and at 30 had an office, a staff and a title.

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A prayer for my husband


Lord, look upon this man with favor. With eyes filled with as much love as mine are — more so!

This world presses in hard on our men. It tries to convince them to be more of all the wrong things. It tells them they are less of all the right things.

I pray he does not believe this world. Not one minute of any hour.

Lord, call to him above the din. Speak over the mess. Right to his heart. Into his mind. Straight through his being. So that he will not mistake your voice for that of any other.

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