Sara Brunsvold at her writing desk

It’s pronounced Br-ŭns-vōld

Despite the somewhat-difficult-to-say surname, Sara Brunsvold writes stories that will stick with you — and that’s what matters most to Sara.

Her chief aim is to create stories that speak hope, truth and life.

This vision first began to take shape when the artform of fiction writing captured the heart of her 12-year-old self. She was a painfully shy kid, living on her family’s dairy farm in northeast Missouri and daydreaming of how life could be. From the beginning, she valued characters feeling seen and known.

After years of filling notebooks, blog posts and a few magazine pages with the overflow of her heart – as well as Heaven’s Throne Room with innumerable prayers – Sara saw a big, heavy door open to her publication dreams. Her third (maybe fourth?) manuscript landed in the inbox of an agent who soon offered to represent her.

That manuscript became what is now “The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip,” a story of friendship unexpectedly crossing generational lines, and brave service to others in the face of adversity.

There’s A LOT more to the story of the birth of her debut novel, which Brunsvold shared beautifully with her monthly newsletter subscribers:

Sara Brunsvold is a devout follower of Jesus Christ, and her faith journey definitely took some interesting turns over the years. The theme of challenged faith also shows up in her writing.

She shared her full testimony of how she came to know Jesus in another message to subscribers of her monthly newsletter:

Looking for the ‘officials’?

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